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Sweet Villa Home Staging
Booking an appointment with Katie Mines

Staging Consultations:
Katie will carefully review your home from top to bottom, inside and out, and provide a design plan that will best prepare your property for sale.

Being able to see your home through the eyes of prospective buyers is Katie's #1 focus. Her room-by-room walk through consultation provides you with a design plan that you can begin right away!

Room Redesign Staging:
This is what i was trained for by making the necessary changes that will turn your home into a more marketable product. Sweet Villa Home Staging will use your belongings that you already have in new ways. Transforming each room into an organized, warm and inviting space that buyers respond too. Now how exciting can that be!

VACANT - Home Staging:
It is difficult for buyers to see themselves living in a home that is cold and empty, very confusing to them. Sweet Villa Home Staging will bring in the right furniture and accessories that transforms each area into a warm and inviting home thats stands out among the competition!